TenderCare is our Nursery Ministry and is offered Sunday mornings from 8:00 am to 11:30 am.  Your child is special and important to us.  It is our desire to minister to your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  We are committed to providing the most loving and caring volunteers and environment possible for your child.  We want the children to receive the love of Jesus each time they visit TenderCare.

Our Infant through Toddler Two room has bouncy seats, excer-saucers, swings, and loving volunteers with laps and hugs!  For our beginning crawler and walking friends, this room has a play house, manipulative toys, ball-pit, and a mirror near the floor for the young explorer.

Our Three through Five Year Old room is a colorful child-scaled room filled with creative play equipment, a Writing Workshop, manipulative toys, library, and Noah’s Ark Reading Loft. We also have a parent’s lounge for nursing mothers.

In TenderCare we not only strive to meet the physical and emotional needs of the children, we also care and value each child’s spiritual needs as well.  For our toddlers, every month we will focus on one Bible story.  Each Sunday the children will have a Bible experience created just for them, which includes books, puppets, flannel boards, magnets, music, and more all centered on God’s Holy Word!

During Worship Celebrations, the 3 – 5 year-old children particpate in a related activity from the Connectionland lesson.

Security System
When checking in to TenderCare children will receive a name tag and security badge.  Parents also receive a matching security badge.  When you pick up your child, the security badge is exchanged for your child to help ensure the safety of the children.

Well-Child Guidelines
Your child’s health is of utmost importance to us.  In order to maintain the cleanest environment for your child, all TenderCare equipment and toys are sanitized weekly.

The Shepherds will give the bottle you provide to your child.  For infants over 6 months of age, Cheerios are provided, with your consent.  We cannot feed your child any other type of solid food or administer any medications.

Toddler-age and older children (1-5) will receive a snack of Cheerios and water each hour he or she is in TenderCare.  Please indicate on the sign in sheet if you do not want your child to receive this snack.

Adult to Child Ratio
We will strive to maintain the following ratios of child to adult in order to create a fun, yet safe environment appropriate for the children.

Infant to adult: 2:1
Toddler One to adult: 2:1
Toddler Two to adult:  6:1
Three – Five-Year old to adult:  8:1

Additional Information
For additional information, please contact our Director of Children’s Ministries, Emily Urban at 920-725-4354 (x306).