Sarah Vogel

IMG_1795 Sarah 4,,9,14Sarah is 26 years old and has been at New Hope her entire life. Having started serving in Crave as a student leader in high school, Sarah is going into her ninth year of leading the crazy awesome youth at New Hope. Sarah is the only one not married on the New Hope staff, but is dating a really fun guy named Ken who is 28 years old and works at First Merit Bank in Darboy. In addition to leading the student ministries at New Hope, Sarah is also the Enhanced Learning Support Teacher at New Hope Christian School. Sarah loves working in youth ministry because it is a high-energy environment and she believes that the youth of today have the capacity to love God, love others and do stuff – like change the world! Sarah sees the Core students and Cravers for who they are becoming and truly believes that God will blow our minds and rock our world over and over!

Fun Fact:  Sarah played kickball with Crave and had to get reconstructive knee surgery after. But at least she made it to first base!