New Hope Church Driving Values

At New Hope we believe behind every set of eyes we look into there is a soul that matters to God. When we look into a mirror we believe behind our eyes is a soul that matters to God. Jesus pursues every soul with a warm and relentless affection.
(John 3:16; Colossians 1:27b; Exodus 34:6)

At New Hope we believe in following Jesus we are relentlessly receiving and releasing warm breaths of inspiration. We follow the breaths of Jesus: His birth (Luke 2:6-7); His life (Mark 1:17); His death (Mark 15:37); and His resurrection (John 20:22)

At New Hope we believe there is a warm family waiting for you. How would you describe your family of origin according to a temperature scale? Cold and distant? Hot and angry? Warm and nurturing? How about your current family temperature?  In following Jesus we are moving to a warm family. (Colossians 3:12; Acts 2:42-47)

At New Hope we believe we are ever warmly maturing as disciples in following Jesus. We also believe God’s Kingdom is ever warmly expanding in us, through us, all around us and way beyond us. (John 3:30; Mark 8:36)