Laurie Prewitt

IMG_1785 Laurie 4,9,14 eStarting in 1991, Laurie Prewitt has been the Administrator and a teacher at New Hope Christian School.  Laurie earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Concordia Teacher’s College in Seward, NE in 1980 in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  In 1999, she completed her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education and Administration at Concordia University Mequon, WI.  She loves to serve Jesus along with everyone at New Hope.  “I feel so honored that I can be part of the education growth and development of all students, and most importantly watch them grow to know their Lord and Savior more every day.”  Laurie is married to Pastor Jeff.  They have three children, three grandchildren, and a dog named Max!  One of her favorite biblical quotes is Romans 8:28: All things work together for good to those who love the Lord!

Fun Fact:  If Laurie would have chosen not to become a teacher, she would have taken over her Dad’s very successful flower shop business in downtown Milwaukee!