Jingle Jam

So … what is Jingle Jam?

Let’s start with a quick story from history: On a Saturday afternoon, back in 1942, a man wanted something fun to do with his two daughters, so he took them to an amusement park. He was looking forward to a meaningful time and a shared experience with his kids.

However, while he was sitting on a bench at this amusement park watching his daughters play, he looked around and noticed how run-down and filthy the small amusement park was. He also observed people’s reactions to the different rides, and he noticed how the parents really had nothing to do. The parents were just sitting there, anxious to go home, while their children rode the same limited amount of rides, over and over again.

The man thought to himself, why hasn’t anyone come up with a new type of park: one that would be clean and safe that would have attractions for parents and children—so they could have a shared experience.

That man’s name was Walt Disney and thus the idea of Disneyland was born . . . he created a park that “would never be completed—as long as there is imagination in the world.”

As churches, why not create an irresistible shared experience that is designed to help shape the way children and parents see faith. Why not provide an environment that helps cue parents so they know what to do when they go home.

This is at the heart of New Hope’s upcoming ‘Jingle Jam’!

Jingle Jam will be an ‘FX’ (Family Experience). An FX is an experience that’s designed to be shared by parents and children to help them do family better.

We believe that this experience should be interactive; it should be fun, it should include other families, and should be high-quality! (Did you hear that the same band leading the Advent Concert will also be playing at Jingle Jam??) Our prayer is that Jingle Jam will be a fantastic FX experience that will engage your entire family!

Organized around the telling of the Christmas story, Jingle Jam: Wrapped Up will encourage and inspire families to get wrapped up in the idea of generosity and how God gave us His Son, Jesus.

So please make plans to join us and to invite lots of friends! Why not wrap up this year by inspiring your family, your neighbors and your friends to get wrapped up in generosity? After all, it’s the most amazing way we can respond to hearing the story of how God gave us His Son, Jesus.

Jingle Jam: Wrapped Up! Sunday December 7th – 3pm-4:30pm
Questions? Contact: Emily Urban