The Hmong people of Laos served with the armed forces of the U.S. during the Vietnam War.  After the war the Hmong had to flee from communist Laos (although there are still Hmong who live there today).  They crossed the border into Thailand and were put into Refugee camps.  Over the years many of the Hmong were brought to America and often Hmong families coming into a new community were sponsored by local churches.  Over the past 30+ years the children of the Hmong immigrants learned English, went to school, college, off to work and began giving birth to the next generation.  One of Pastor Jeff’s good friends is a Hmong American who became a pastor.  Pastor Yia Vang heard from Hmong clans in Thailand and Laos that they would like to become Christians, plant churches and train pastors.  Pastor Yia invited Pastor Jeff to travel to Thailand, to visit Hmong villages and communities to evangelize, to recruit men to be trained as pastors and to plant churches.  This mission activity began in 2002 with Pastor Vang’s leadership.  Pastor Jeff was invited to join him in 2004.  Since beginning 400+ men, women and children have been baptized; three pastors have been trained; three churches have been planted in Thailand.  Over the past few years invitations from Hmong churches and pastors in Laos have asked for support and further Biblical teaching and pastoral training.

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