Deanna Mehl

IMG_1803 Dee 4,9,14Deanna serves as New Hope’s Music Director.  Deanna grew up in Wausau, WI.  Before working at New Hope, she was an Employee Benefits Specialist.  She then attended Colorado Christian University majoring in composition, arranging, and vocal performance.
Deanna joined New Hope’s staff in 1996.  She oversees the adult music team and student vocal team, service programming, and musical arrangements.  Deanna believes that music and the arts used for God’s glory can challenge us, encourage us, and help us express our love and devotion to God.

Deanna is married to Steve, New Hope’s Worship Arts & Technical Director, and they have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, Jessica, who is in college.   Deanna enjoys time with family, hiking, camping, and reading a good book.

Fun Fact:  While living in Wausau, she was part of a family band that traveled to various churches all over Wisconsin.