To Yearn … To Desire … To CRAVE more Jesus
Crave is New Hope’s High School Youth Group for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.  Crave meets Sundays 6:30pm-8:30pm upstairs in our very own room.  Throughout the year Crave will focus on various themes that will enable the high schoolers to grow deeper in their knowledge of the Bible and desire an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

A & M (“Arrival & Mingle”):  During the Arrival & Mingle part of the night, teens will connect with other Cravers and the Crave Leaders.  Bring some cash to buy snacks and beverages at Café Liz.  During this time teens will also hear the latest Christian beats.  A countdown will signify the beginning of Crave.

Crave Announcements:  As the countdown wraps up and Cravers take a seat, Crave Announcements will be shared.

Crave Moment & Opening Prayer:  During these brief moments, varying points to ponder will be shared with Cravers in a unique fashion.  After the opening Crave Moment, the night begins right with prayer.

Large Group Teach:  During this time the Bible is taught in relevant ways through skits, video, power point, and large group teaching by creative communicators.

Small Group:  This is a time where Crave breaks out into small groups by gender and grade for discussion that leads to application of Bible truth taught in the Large Group Presentation.  The goal is to help each teen grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and live each day craving more of Jesus, and less of the world.


Prayer:  Small groups are wrapped up with some prayer moments.

Game/Events/Activity:  Cravers will then close the evening participating in various fun games, events, and activities that will build community with one another.

Together CRAVING more Jesus …
Sarah Prewitt Director of CRAVE Youth Group