AIDS Orphan Ministry

In October 2006 that New Hope started putting in the weekly bulletin an envelope marked AIDS Orphan Ministry.  The challenge was for any man, woman, teen or child participating in the worship celebration to put in at least one dollar in the envelope.  The idea was prompted by the August 2006 Willow Creek Leadership Summit.  During this event, in an interview with Bill Hybels, Bono of the rock group U-2 challenged the Church to do more to serve and alleviate the suffering of men, women and children dying from AIDS.  As of this writing in August of 2012 $70,000 has been collected dollar by dollar.  New Hope each month sends the AIDS Orphan Ministry dollars to group homes serving orphans and abandoned children in Thailand.  Some of them have become orphans from parents dying from AIDS and some of the children live with the AIDS virus.  Every dollar is sent in Jesus’ Name.

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