About Us

In 1988 Jeff Prewitt was called to be the pastor at a mission church which was soon named New Hope Church. The word hope means to expect with confidence. New Hope Church is a place where you can expect with confidence that God is moving in the lives of His people and building His kingdom.

New Hope Church opened the doors of a double-wide trailer for its first Worship. As Pastor Jeff looked out at his wife, three young children, and 15 or so church members, he could not even begin to dream of what God was going to do.

One year later, New Hope Church expanded by adding a separate room to worship and a few years following that, New Hope Preschool began in 1991 with Pastor Jeff’s wife, Laurie as the teacher. New Hope Preschool was embraced by the community and began its legendary waiting list the second year of operation.

In 1994, New Hope Church expanded its facility for a third time, adding a new Worship Center, offices and a commons area. Parents began years of requesting an expansion of the preschool into the elementary grades. In the fall of 1999 New Hope Kindergarten began, and an additional grade began every year thereafter. By the year 2000, the facility was completely filled, and the ministry was land locked on that site.

The Prewitts and the people of New Hope Church actively prayed to reveal God’s plan for the growing church. Through significant sacrifice by the people of New Hope Church, the miracle on American Drive began. In 2002, New Hope Church and New Hope Christian School moved into our current building. Just a few years ago, New Hope Church built out the mezzanine level of our building, creating the middle school, Crave lounge, and Café Liz.

Virtually every corner of our facility is being used to grow God’s Kingdom. Everyday of the week, there is ministry happening in this place. During the school week, New Hope Christian School runs five full sessions of three and four-year-old preschool, 2 sessions of kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. This includes Physical Education, Art, Music, Library and Computer classes. Almost every day and night, New Hope Church hosts Bible studies and various ministries. Sunday morning has maxed out our current space – Connectionland, our children’s ministry uses the entire elementary level of the school. Connectionland Junior uses three rooms to accommodate all the infants and toddlers. Sunday afternoon and evening  the C room is used for Confirmation Challenge, Core (our middle school youth group) and Crave (our high school youth group).

God once again moved in His people and we completed another expansion of our building to provide a gymnasium.

There have been so many lives that have been impacted by the ministries at New Hope Church. Behind every set of eyes is a soul that matters to God!