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Are you ready to take your family back in time?  Would you like to make some family memories you’ll treasure?  And would you like to have a blast as you do it?  Then please reserve Sunday December 8th from 4pm to 6pm for A Night in Bethlehem!  As soon as you set foot in New Hope, your family will travel back to ancient Bethlehem.  You’ll taste, see, and smell what daily life was like when Jesus was born.  You’ll find shops and activities for kids of all ages – so bring your whole family!  Also, be praying for an unconnected family you could invite to join you as we all experience A Night in Bethlehem.

Please complete the registration form for your family and you will be able to bypass much of the registration process when you arrive at A Night in Bethlehem.  It is also important for us to have a basic estimate of the number of children who will enjoy A Night in Bethlehem so we can be sure to have all the supplies and goodies we need!  These can be downloaded and printed off from our webpage by clicking here or a hard copy can be requested by e-mailing

During A Night in Bethlehem, your family will have an unforgettable experience exploring the busy marketplace in Bethlehem.  Each experience will help your child better understand what life was like when Jesus was born and draw us closer to the reason we celebrate Christmas!  Also be watching for an excited group of shepherds to lead you to an amazing site!

If you attended a Night in Bethlehem in the past few years, please know that the marketplace for Christmas 2013 is different from the last few years!  We are excited to be offering a lunch experience for everyone!  We hope your family will be able to join Connectionland for an unforgettable experience at A Night in Bethlehem!

Please watch this Video Invite to SEE what A Night in Bethlehem is all about!

Please Note: The video has the wrong time but the right date. The correct time for a Night In Bethlehem event is from 4pm to 6pm. Hope to see you there!